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Martin, Rado and Pavel - CZECH UP
Martin, Rado and Pavel - CZECH UPMartin, Rado and Pavel - CZECH UP - PHOTOS

Martin Bortlik is the subject of our latest Czech Up, with Dr Rado Viker and Sister Pavel Smidl. Martin arrives and explains that he has a headache and stomach ache. Rado tells him to get undressed and to don the surgical gown and he will be examined. As Martin undressed Rado, in particular, pays a lot of attention, peeping through the screen to see Martin naked. Once he is changed Martin sits on the examination chair, with his legs in the stirrups. His cock and ball are in clear view, hanging there. Rado begins his examination, looking into Martin's mouth and feeling the glands in his neck, speaking all the time as Pavel makes notes. Next Pavel lifts Martin's gown so that Rado can listen to his chest. He then starts to examine Martin's lower stomach area, gently feeling it and then further down on to his cock. As he feels around the cock and legs it seems that Martin's cock is beginning to grow. Rado takes hold of it and begins to wank it, examaining it closely. He thinks that he should take Martin's temperature and slips the thermometer into his piss slit. Things are hotting up and Pavel begins to kiss Martin as Rado begins to that hard cock. Pavel wants to taste cock too and he moves down and sucks on Martin as Rado begins to suck on his toes. Rado's cock is hard too and he pulls it out and presents it to Martin for sucking. Pavel likes that idea and he joins them to get his cock sucked too as he kisses Rado. Martin's ass needs to be examined and it soon is, with the scope pushing inside his hole, opening it very well. Martin wanks his cock as his hole is invaded but the medical staff have more they want to show him. Pavel sits on the seat and Rado climbs onto his hard cock and begins to ride it. Martin is watching closely as he wanks. Rado's ass is nicely stretched as he rides that big, hard cock. Pavel then begins to fuck that cock up and down into Rado's hole with Martin watching and wanking. As he watches he cant hold back and shoot a nice load of cum. He wipes his cum over the guys who respond by standing over him and shooting their load over his face. First to cum is Pavel and his creamy load clings to Martins face, followed by the same from Rado. Having all cum the guys bring things to an end by kissing. Martin was a wonderful subject for this Czech Up and Rado and Pavel showed him what professionals they are.
Lukas and Milos RAW - FULL CONTACT
Lukas and Milos RAW - FEET - FULL CONTACT
Roman, Mirek and Jan - CZECH UP
Roman, Mirek and Jan - CZECH UP
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