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Fanda Modry's Czech Up also features Dr Artur Lafek and Sister Ivan Mukovsky. Fanda attends the clinic to have an injury to his hand inspected but Artur decides a full Czech Up is needed, so Fanda strips off and puts on a surgical gown, assisted by Ivan. Fanda then climbs on to the inspection chair to have his chest and back tested by Artur. Then as Artur takes his blood pressure Ivan is soothing Fanda, by stroking his abs, and very soon he starts to kiss Fanda and play with his dick. Artur sits and watches, stroking his dick at the same time. It is not long before Fanda and Artur are rock hard. Ivan goes down on Fanda's dick while Artur strokes his and licks Fanda's foot, before rubbing his dick all over it. Then he moves over and gives Fanda a taste of cock too, which he laps up. Ivan sees that and wants some of Artur's dick to, as it looks so good throbbing in Fanda's mouth, so he sucks it as well. Artur, though, has other ideas and soon sits on the chair himself and invites Fanda to sit on his rock hard dick, which he does very well. So well in fact that he is soon bouncing up and down on it while sucking on Ivan. A change of position allows Artur to continue fucking and Ivan goes down and sucks on Fanda at the same time. A further change has Fanda on his back with Artur's dick pumping in and out of his ass as Ivan fucks his face. All too soon Ivan is ready and the pop shots begin with him squirting over Fanda's face, and Fanda then sucking him clean. Artur pulls out and shoots all over Fanda's balls, followed quickly by Fanda letting go his load too. This is a very good Czech Up, and a very good initiation for Fanda.
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Wank Party - WANK PARTY
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