Strip Search Hell - Tough Straight Men subjected to humiliating naked strip searches Naked Punishment For The Good of Society
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Hardened criminals are totally humiliated by the ritual of strip searches. It is heartless cruel punishment and richly deserved as these men have no choice but submit to invasive and degrading naked inspections. Ill treatment at the hands of thoughtless sadistic guards and all captured on video for your entertainment.
Unrelenting HumiliationNaked InspectionCruel Punishment
You need have no sympathy as you watch video after video of unrelenting humiliation. These men knew that their punishment would be harsh but probably didn’t realise total nudity would be mandatory. They gave up their rights the moment they broke the law, don’t you think?!
You knew this guy's days were numbered didn't you. He's been sucking cock, letting desperate lags get up him, all for a few phone cards and "spice". But a thief on the outside doesn't change his spots once he's in the bin. He's crossed a few people and they've grassed him up to the screws. They now want to teach him a lesson. He knows full well he's got stuff stashed up his arse and his natural reaction is to fight.