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Dave is horny for a bit of rough in the afternoon. He orders in a workman for a job that needs doing, only the hot unsuspecting workman Tom doesn't realize that he's the one that is going to be done. Dave tricks him and quickly ties and gags the tattooed fucker before he can resist. Waking to find his shirt has been removed with the bad man hungrily groping him, Tom gets angry moaning through his gag. Dave explains to this dumb commoner that he now exists as nothing more than a sexual object for men to use. If he doesn't obey their orders he will be punished. It only takes a few licks from his flogger for Tom to realize how fucking serious this is. You can see from his trembling hands how much the nasty lashings pummelling his buttock are. He's ordered to remove his tight white boxers but the clumsy dickhead can't do it fast enough in his restraints so receives continuous beating.
Now that the tough fucker is stark naked it's time for him to learn how to manually pleasure another man. Dave orders him to wank his cock. His rough worker's hands struggle to satisfy the man's hardening erection while he moans piteously through his gag. You'd have thought a worker would be better with his hands. Frustrated Dave spins the fucker around to use his hole instead. He pries apart his plump arse cheeks to get at that warm untouched hetero arsehole of his. Tom bucks and hollers angrily at feeling the finger roughly pushing its way into his rectum. Dave wants this boy hyper-aware of his genitals so clamps his nipples and foreskin, pegging every sensitive part till the straight is in constant pain, his most precious bits made tender and alert. This hard hetero man is now decorated and ready for his full initiation into sexual servitude.
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