The cheeky fan chased me more and more and I enjoyed the fact that he can increasingly whacking him . I sacked on him all my negative emotions.
The trustees
A body language expert would have a field day with this kid. Just look at his guilty behaviour. He keeps an eye on the guard as he rifles through his clothes. What has he stashed there? Then he does a lot of self-comfort behaviours. Touching his nose, pursing his lips. This kid is a middle class lad brought up with good morals who really shouldn't be here. Guilty? Yes. Suited for the bin? No...
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Marion and Alex - Raw - Raunchy
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Vincentís backtalk has tried the headmasterís patience and now he is going to be stripped naked and disciplined alongside his friend. As a proud athletic man he finds it difficult to accept defeat, but he knows he has no choice but to allow the headmaster, his teacher and the head boy to do whatever they want or the consequences will be very severe. His tight virgin asshole is fully exposed for inspection and sniffing. The mortified rude boys look down in shame at being so exposed and used.
We have a new recruit who wants to join Tchukistanian army. But the selection process isnít easy at all. HE will go through hell before he will be selected. He has to take humiliation and some beating to prove his loyalty. Unfortunately for him the recruiter is one of the toughest. And he has some special desires which he is gonna practice with him before he approves his admission.
Our village gangster decides to use a trunk as a place to destroy Richieís asshole. Throw him in, lift his legs and insert his cock into Richie's cherry. Pounding is followed by a huge cum shot just on his face. To fulfil Richie's embarrassment and lesson, he decides to tow him behind the car back to the village.
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Gay Slaves Dungeon - relentless gay BDSM, brutal tops and submissive slaves
Beautiful bisexual bitch Maxi learns the hard way at the hands of the sadistic Ashton Bradley, who loves nothing more than the sound of tough boy's cries for mercy. Waxed and wanked, there is not a minute that passes when Maxi doesn't know whether to whimper in pain or moan in pleasure.
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Tied in his suit, gagged, rimmed, enema, butt plugged, cock manipulated until erect, sounding, made to ejaculate.
This is a crash course for this athletic hetero man in being utterly subservient to the desires of three clothed businessmen
Another hot new comer to the Penthouse, rent boy Liam King falls for the idea that a visit to the penthouse would earn him a few quid. Bound with rope and wooden bars, Liam is unable to move from a position in which his ass stuck in the air begging to be fucked. Sebastian, always hard and horny has no issue with banging the tight, bisexual rent boy hard and deep. Sebastian releases his load after a long fuck session, all over Liam's abs.
Warmish water showers are available to prisoners but there are good reasons why some men prefer to avoid them. If you're an arms trafficer who thinks he's harder than he actually is then you might choose to stay stinking. The screws can't force you into a shower. But, and it's a big but, if you get on the wrong side of them then they are legally entitled to wash you for your own health! They do it with an ice cold power jet wash!
Faggot, Get My Stinking Feet Into Your Mouth - Sub Thrashing - Fag Humiliation - Arse Damage
Mykul Pierce is itching to prove that Brayland can't be a real man under pain, and the surefire way to do that is electro. Strapped to some medical restraints, his nips and asshole are lit up so the bitch is bucking off the table from the juice.
CMNM: Clothed Males Vs Nude Males
Overwhelmed, gagged and cuffed the craftsman Lech is carried aways in a hand barrow. He gets showered with ice-cold water before the soldiers drag him into the torture chamber for sex.
Bound naked on all fours, anal hook, arse flogged, balls pegged, fucked with a dildo, oiled up, cock milked, face covered in sperm, CBT, electro shocks to his arsehole and genitals.
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Two twinks get spanked well
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This lad thinks that people who do a normal 9 to 5 job are mugs, when you can just steal money from people's wallets. Just look at the way this little cunt tries to stare out the wardens with a smug grin on his face. He knows his future lies with the top Alpha in the prison. As his bitch. It was either pick pocketing or rent boy when this lad chose a career but his little boy's anus started hurting too much so turned to thieving...
Josef, Petr and Tom RAW - Airport Security
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Pinned to the floor, cuffed, uniform destroyed, tied, nipples wrenched and clamped, gut punching, flogged, made to wank another man, arse fingered, genitals pegged
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Gay fetish, male porn BDSM. Hung, built gay men are bound and gagged, whipped, and fucked. Gay sex includes rope bondage with gay spanking, anal sex, cock sucking, and cock and ball torture.
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Tied and gagged, arsehole shaved and filled with water, flogged while being made to hold it in, feet caned, arse fingered and screwed with a fucking machine, foreskin and nipples clamped, made to watch himself be fucked by two men.
Enter the private rooms of Sperm Cult to see something you would never dare repeat at home.
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Bitch Joseph Rowland needs to learn the meaning of
Side-show Bob here really thinks he's a clever cunt. He's made a foolish error to let the pigs arrest him and get sent down ahead of the trial. A trial in which he will be found not guilty of course! All this is rather beneath him. He's big and muscular and is going to be the cleverest on the wing. No doubt he'll teach some of the stupider crims how to read and help with their letters from home. All the while he'll have a big fat grin on his face because he's more intelligent than all the prison warders AND the governor...
Brayland continues to be confrontational, and Mykul Pierce has no choice but to take it up a few notches.  Hot, hot wax, and a flogger to take that shit off. Not satisfied with the boy lounging on the table, he drags him to the cross.
Tied down naked, arse flogged, fucked with a vibrator, cock and balls restrained, bell end stimulated, caned, made to beg for cock, dick milked.
Waiter Aiden has worked at the embassy for some time. Serving dignitaries and powerful men has taught him to have a degree of discretion about the lascivious going-ons that he witnesses. Up until now heís only been required to be neither seen or heard as he carries out any tasks the ambassador sets him. But now a couple of influential businessmen have set their sights on his lean boyish body heís suddenly required to go above and beyond his normal duties and strip down for their perverted pleasure.
Hangin' hardcore
Time for the real test of manhood. Locked down just enough to squirm, Mykul makes a few dozen finishing flogs on Brayland's back and ass. Through this, the bitch knows what is coming - he has a unopened condom in his mouth. The fucking begins, hard and long.
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Faggot, Your Arse Belongs To Me - Harsh Mule Riding - Faggot Humiliation
It's well known in prison circles that the warders will take time to humiliate and degrade specific prisoners who they believe are in need of 'correction'. Normally this would be the hard cases and especially the younger lads who need a
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Tony Buff's twins with kinks
The notorious Sperm Cult admits new male members. That means some tight assholes and throats are going to be penetrated tonight.
Gay Slaves Dungeon - relentless gay BDSM, brutal tops and submissive slaves
Tye has played enough. He now want to finish Bruno off. BLOW JOB, WHIPPED
After slapping all of that hot wax off, Masters Tye and Devon drag the boy Brice down, bend him over the table, and stick a cold electro butt plug into his ass. He screams as the juice starts to flow, and is flogged when he doesn't scream loud enough.
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Ashton Bradley is found tied to the floor by Kieron Knight, MacKenzie Walker and Tyler Bolt. The three begin to taunt Ashton, pushing their feet and socks in his face and mouth. Kieron and Mackenzie then begin to suck each others cocks over his face whilst Tyler Bolt Covers him in spit. Mackenzie then fucks Kieron Knight over Ashton before all three boys piss all over him. Tyler and Kieron then cover Ashton Bradley's face in cum before leaving bound and tied to the floor.
Judging by the state of blondie's hole during the reception process this crim needs a good scrub. It doesn't matter how pretty his blue eyes are, a stinky hole is a stinky hole and this lad is quickly ushered in for a mandatory soaking. Naturally the water will be freezing cold and shooting from a power jet wash. They don't want any bits of shit hanging from his hairy asshole. Not when there is a prison full of sexually frustrated men just gagging for a fresh piece of ass to fuck...
Devon decides that Damien's in need of some electro stimulation. First he clamps Damien's nipples and gives them a few good jolts. Next he hooks up the anal probe and inserts it deep inside Damien's ass for maximum stimulation.
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Roco and Alex - Raw - Airport Security
Everyone likes to get through the prison day with the minimum of skirmishes so the warders are happy to put up with this guy's nonsense so long as he makes them laugh. He's been a proper nutcase on the wing but nothing violent. All the same it was only a matter of time before he put his foot in it and now he has. Back chatting a screw when he's not up for it is a guaranteed trip to the ice cold shower...
Damien finds himself strapped and bound by a masked man (Devon Salem).
Roman and Petr - Raw - Dutybound
Tied, gagged, bare-handed spanking, nipples clamped, flogged, electro shocks to his sphincter, cock and balls bound, fucked with a dildo, caned.
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We'll Both Piss Over Your Worthless Face - Piss Drinking - Faggot Humiliation - Deep Rimming
After the flogging, Master Devon decides to get some pleasure out of his slaveboy. Joseph Rowland can barely get his mouth around the Master's enormous cock, but once inside, Master Devon starts face fucking away.
Petr and Rado - Airport Security
Tied and ready for play Jakobe's ass is Calvin's latest plaything.
Tomas, Erik and Bradley - Raw - Dutybound
Brayland is captured and hung in front of Mykul Pierce because the boy has gone around saying that he is tough and that he can take it. Mykul aims to prove this a rubber whip and a flogger, which has Brayland dancing in agony.
Breeder Fuckers
Breeder Fuckers - They Fucking Deserve It
REAL straight men are stripped, humiliated and beaten. We make them cry and struggle, shove our hard dicks in their resistant mouths and violate their virgin holes.
Clothed Male : Naked Male
CMNM : Clothed Male : Naked Males
There's nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit!
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Relentlessly impaled deeply by a fucking machine, nipple and foreskin in viscious clip bondage, oiled up, ball-gagged and flogged for good measure. Toby's appeals for help fall on deaf ears.
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Gay Slaves Dungeon - relentless gay BDSM, brutal tops and submissive slaves
Faggot, I'll Thrash Your Stinking Arse - Shoe Licking - Faggot Humiliation - Harsh Thrashing
The screws are rightly suspicious of this lad bearing in mind his rap sheet. Inside these dealers continue their criminal habits and try to take advantage of other prisoners by dealing in contraband. Judging by his countenance today they have good reason. He is monged out. Probably on the prisoners current choice of easy high - alcoholic hand wash! It's not surprising he wants to drown his sorrows. His young body has attracted far too much of the wrong sort of attention already. Just have a look at the the bruises on his otherwise blemish-free young flesh. No doubt from being held down to take a very reluctant fucking. These bruises are old now though. He doesn't take much persuading any more.
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Gay Slaves Dungeon - relentless gay BDSM, brutal tops and submissive slaves
Draven's wand crackles every time it touches Armond's skin
Nikol and Milan - Raw - Dutybound
Petr and Petr - Raw - Dutybound
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Gagged, pants torn off, flogged, legs shackled, gagged, vibrator planted up his arse, CBT, nipples clamped, made to ejaculate and lap up his sperm.
Anxious, tied up and vulnerable, Jamie West is left in the hands of horny Brez Wild for this video. Brez decides to stimulate Jamie with an all over, deep massage which leads to Jamie's massive throbbing cock needing attention. Edged and wanked, Jamie finds himself desperate to release his load with Brez in charge of when. It's slow, agonising, torture as Brez refuses to take Jamie over the edge. Finally with Jamie dying to cum, Brez takes the boy to the edge and over. The result: stream after stream of warm teen cum flowing from Jamie's tormented dick.
Red 19
This little toe-rag thinks he's cleverer than the guards. Fleecing little old ladies out of their life savings. Very clever. Yet here he is having to display his nude body to prison warders beneath him. Ain't karma sweet. He has the look on his face like he loathes this and he no doubt does. This makes it all the more fun for us doesn't it?
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The bitch Brice Carson's legs are raised, and juice starts to flow between his nipples. Masters Tye and Deveon apply the electro judiciously, always ready to give a smack of the flogger when it suits them. Watch the boy squirm!
Fancy watching them eat that warm cum. Step inside. These guys follow the ritual every time and love it.
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Backyard Bondage
Forest Guy
Joey Landers fucked up, and Master Tye brings his bitch to task. Going back to the fundamentals, Master Tye employs judicious use of the riding crop and the flogger as his bitch crawls around on all fours.
We'll Take It In Turns To Fuck You Hard, Faggot - Sub Fucking - Faggot Humiliation - Cock Sucking
It's comical that he still thinks that obeying the rules is beneath him. He's been in clink for 2 weeks and this muscular hairy fuck hasn't realised that it doesn't matter what he thinks. It doesn't matter that he was once the big man. In here he is a little bitch that got caught and now his body is the plaything of the guards. I bet he thinks they are too stupid to even look at him naked much less touch his ass. Maybe he's right but that's the rub when you're thrown in jail, big man!
Forest Guy
Master Devon has received another slaveboy into the facility. He skillfully uses a flogger on the the chest and back on the vulnerable Joseph Rowland. The slave is give just enough slack to really squirm as the flogger destroys him.
This guy isn't as stupid as your run of the mill criminal. He had to be cute on the outside and in the bin he is no different. As such, despite his obvious arrogance he has managed to control himself and at the same time gained some privileges. He is too sensible to ever put himself in a situation where he is overpowered by the guards and stripped against his will. He also doesn't want to be stripped where the other lags will take the piss out of his cock. So here he is having a cavity search in relative privacy.
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A city out of control/ gangs are in power/ Brutal and criminal Fuckers break the law/ break the boys. Bondage SM Rough SEX Piss Domination Feet/ Own production/ exclusive content.
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Painful sexual practises for the unlucky recruits. Fetish content from light to ultra dark: Anal Play, Bondage, CBT, Electro Stimulation, Face Fucking, Flogging, Pissing, Water boarding, Wax, Whipping.
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Young Boys Spanked Hard
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